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Welcome to fine craft chocolate- the golden age of chocolate is here!

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Welcome to the golden age of chocolate...

Can you imagine the world with only generic red and white wine? Or just a handful of different types of apples….

Well, the majority of industrial-factory made chocolate, in fact, most of the confectionery bars and  Easter eggs sold in the stores, want to portray just such a world: a limited choice of a basic commodity of milk and dark chocolate. Additionally, many of these confectionary products consist of very little chocolate, less than 10% and are not labeled as such but go on brand name recognition.

The good news is…. there a “real food” movement happening in the world of chocolate.

People are again wanting to know and understand where chocolate comes from, and most importantly, to know, savour and taste real flavourful chocolate again.

Often people ask where does chocolate come from and how is it made?

The simple answer is chocolate is made from the seeds of a tropical fruit called cacao. Cacao originates in the rainforests of the Amazon but is now also cultivated in other tropical areas of the world including the Caribbean, Central America, and the Far East.  There are several types of cacao and today- exciting work is underway to preserve the most genetically flavourful varieties. Part of the chocolate world is becoming similar to the winemaking industry- where variety, terroir and also the farmer’s post-harvest process, factor into the taste and quality of the chocolate being made.

A new generation of independent chocolate makers are creating incredible small batch single origin craft chocolate.

The even better news...a new generation of independent chocolate makers in Europe and around the World are sourcing these cacao beans, mostly grown in specific origins, and using the whole bean to create incredible chocolate with interesting tastes and flavour notes. In the U.K.,, the craft chocolate movement really started off in 2008 with Duffy Sheardown of Duffy’s Chocolate, Lincolnshire, who started making small batch single origin bars when he traveled to Honduras and tasted the chocolate being made from local beans. He has since won a number of golds and silvers from the International Chocolate Awards for his bars. 10 years on and there are now 10-15 outstanding chocolate makers in the U.K.

For chocolate lovers and people interested in tasting the new generation of chocolate - it is still hard to find fine craft chocolate in the stores and high street. 

Here at Chocolate Voyage, we believe the chocolate world is better when knowledge is shared.  

Our mission is to tell and reveal the story of real chocolate, but also to inspire, educate and present some of the best craft chocolate being made today. We want our customers to know for example, that chocolate made of beans from Ecuador can taste deliciously different from that of chocolate made from beans of Madagascar.

Chocolate Voyage is excited to be launching to bring you the best single origin chocolate through subscription, gift boxes and our chocolate bar offering.



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